Our Initiatives


INVESTaTHON – Attracting investment in Goa Startups & facilitate access to leading Investors for Founders. Thus far, 4 Goa Startups received, Investor interest & 2 raised investments.


MEETaTHON – We want to build linkages between the Academic & Startup industry and motivate Students to Startup. We will be interacting with Professors and Students to make them aware about the Startup Ecosystem and answer their questions about the Startup World


COLLABaTHON – Our aim is to collaborate with Startup Enablers & Startup Ecosystem Stakeholders. A collaborative and cooperative Startup Ecosystem will enhance the Startup Ecosystem, empower Startups’ and enable Investments.


MATCHaTHON – Corporates & Government need Startups assistance and Startups need to showcase their products and solutions to them. With an aim to bridge this gap, we at AIC-GIM are bringing in MATCHaTHON